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Part 66 Maintenance Training Program

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Cambodia Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence Training Program

This training program is designed to provide the attendees with full basic knowledge for category B license in accordance with Cambodia State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA) Regulations. The course includes both theoretical and practical training to meet the qualification standards of SSCA Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License (AMEL).

The training program last for 2.5 year full time, intensive traineeship towards preparation for the grant of the SSCA Part-66 Category B1 – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s license. The program encompasses 2,400 hours of theoretical and basic skills training, SSCA approved Examinations, On-the-Job Training (OJT) on operational aircraft and Assessments. 2.5 years in all, including classroom training, practical workshop training and on-job-training in real maintenance operational environment of SSCA approved Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO).

At the completion of this training program, the attendee is able to become a qualified aircraft technician initially with any airlines/ aviation operator in Cambodia region and thereafter requires to collect work experience of 2 years from his CAP741 logbook for submission to the SSCA to be granted with a B1.1 aircraft maintenance engineers license which qualifies him to become a certifying license aircraft engineer with relevant aircraft type training

We offer the following Categories;

Category B1.1 (Aeroplanes Turbine)

A B1.1 Category license enables the engineer to work and issue CRS on jet engines and aircraft systems such as electrical, flight controls, hydraulics and pressurization.





Courses Content

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3

Electrical Fundamentals

Module 4

Electronic Fundamentals

Module 5

Digital Techniques/Electronic Instruments System

Module 6

Materials & Hardware

Module 7

Maintenance Practices

Module 8

Basic Aerodynamics

Module 9

Human Factors

Module 10

Aviation Legislation

Module 11A

Turbine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems

Module 15

Gas Turbine Engine

Module 17


Achieving your category B1.1 License

1 year common subject

1.5 years mechanical subject

Certificate of recognition

2 years industry experience

Licensed Engineer


1 year common subject


1.5 years mechanical subject


Certificate of recognition


2 years industry experience


Licensed Engineer

Intake Period

DEC 2022

Applicants are subjected to Admission Assessment, comprises of an Aptitude Test, Practical Test and Interview, prior to being accepted to this program.

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