Lanmei Academy provides one of the most marketable ratings not only in this region but around world. The AIRBUS A320 type rating course will prepare you for your future career with greater prospects.

Minimum Requirement:

A320 type rating

(Multi-Crew Cooperation Course)

The Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) course has been designed to train single seat pilots in the team skills necessary for the safe operation of complex, multi-crew, jet aircraft. During the course, you will be introduced to the competencies necessary for this demanding transition. The training will take place throughout all phases of flight under normal, abnormal and emergency conditions.

Multi-Crew Cooperation Course Training

Jet Transition Course is a combination of theoretical training and Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator (2 sessions) is designed to ensure smooth transition from smaller aircrafts to bigger jets. Course is conducted by experienced Lanmei Airlines Captains/ Type Rating Instructors flying A320 during line operations.

Jet Transition Course Training

Have you already finished your Type Rating training and are considering carrying on with your journey towards career heights in aviation? Then, the next step you have to take is Base Training which is a standard flight training programme conducted in an actual aircraft.
Therefore, depending on the amount of hours you have already managed to build, your Base Training will consist of either 4 or 6 landings (touch and go). Notably, at least one of the landings is a full stop landing under the supervision of a Type Rating Instructor and Safety Pilot.

Lanmei Academy is able to offer base training on Airbus A320 type only.

Base Training

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