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Ensure that you know how to read and apply the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by air. These regulations include legal requirements, operational restrictions, packaging instructions, marking, labelling, and documentation to ensure the safe transportation of these goods. Gain the competencies to accept, handle and process shipments containing dangerous goods according to the current edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) manual.

Completing this course will help you:

Dangerous Goods Training


Initial CRM for Flight Crew Course is designed to provide knowledge of, and familiarity with, human factors relevant to flight operations. It reflects the scale and scope of the operation together with associated operating procedures and areas of operation which produce particular difficulties or involve adverse climatic conditions and any unusual hazards.

Operator is fully responsible that the content of course provided meets his operational requirements.

Crew Resource Management Training

In the event of an emergency, everyone on board needs to know exactly what to do. This is when the safety of your passengers and the reputation of your airline depend on the professional conduct of your cabin crew. Our training programs prepare your crews for every situation imaginable and help them take decisive action as well as accurately carry out standardised emergency procedures.

Our training instructor is professional who have experience in the fields of Aviation. In depth training consist of First Aid Techniques and Equipment. FUN, PROFESSIONAL & REALISTIC. Learn from the ONE & ONLY First Aid Training – Life Saving Skills.

Aviation first Aid Training

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