Are you ready for your career to Take off as a aircraft maintenance engineer ? Here’s how

Wings of success: To keep aircraft airworthy, engineers need to have a thorough understanding of machines, quick decision-making ability, patience and discipline

Your role as an AME depends on the certification you obtain when you complete the course. Aircraft maintenance engineering consists of two areas of study Mechanical (B1) and Avionics (B2). A mechanical engineer (B1) works on jet engines and aircraft systems such as electrical, flight controls, hydraulics, and pressurization. In contrast, an avionics engineer is responsible for the aircraft’s electrical, instrument, communication and navigation systems. Currently Lanmei Training center is offering mechanical engineer (B1) Course and with future Expansion Avionics (B2) course will be introduced.

Upon completing of 2.5 years program, you will be issued an Part 147 Certificate of Recognition as a pathway to apply your B1.1 Licence with SSCA Authority. You will need to work in the aviation industry for up to 2 years before your licence is issued by collecting Maintenance Engineering experience as part of a tertiary academic requirement.

Job markets are mostly Airlines and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) as we are catering to provide opportunities to Cambodian citizens to fill up the aviation sector in Cambodia through formal training.

Prepare for success. Your future is waiting at Lanmei training center.

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