Lanmei Airlines Self-Sponsored Cadet Program

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Join Lanmei Airlines MPL Cadet Program And Fly As First Officer

Lanmei Airlines is the leading airline in Cambodia operating on Airbus 320 family aircraft since September 2017. In year 2019, total passengers exceeded 1.2 million and operated 21,300 flights.

The Multi Pilot Licence (MPL) program offers an opportunity for cadet to undergo a comprehensive program and graduate as an Airline Pilot.

Selected cadets will complete an Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) training course at Lanmei Training Center and will proceed with A320 type rating course followed by 200 hours initial operating experience during line training.

Upon completion of the line training, employment opportunity will be given to the MPL cadets as First Officer.

*Guarantee 2 years contract will be given to cadets completed the line training program successfully.

Minimum Requirement

Academic Qualifications

Cadets sharing their experience

From ground school to first solo flight and become Cadet in Lanmei Academy, everything was a challenge. It challenged my will, my determination and faith but with the help of my family, friends and the instructors I was able to overcome those challenges to achieve my dream become an airline pilot.

Ms. Hong Chenda

first Cambodian female pilot

My dream was to become an airline pilot, after I finished flight training from United States, I have chosen Lanmei Airlines Cadet Program to start my career as an airline transport pilot. Lanmei Airlines has one of the best Approved Training Organization that is recognized by SSCA (Secretary State of Civil Aviation) for their well-structured training program. Their professional team guarantees the best training quality for those who seek to become an airline pilot. I’m always proud to be one of the Lanmei Airlines family and thank to all my instructors who always support during my training.

Mr. Phal Kosal

Cambodian pilot

Selection Process

1. Get in touch with us

Fill up the application form, e-mail to together with your CV and academic qualifications.

2. Document screening and schedule of assessment date

After reviewing your CV and academic qualifications, our Recruitment Team will contact successful candidates for an assessment date.

3. On assessment day

Candidate assessment process will determine whether you possess certain personal traits, competencies, cognitive abilities and skills, English language knowledge and motivation necessary for a successful pilot.
The assessment is conducted through the reliable and valid test system as well as an interview.

4. Medical check-up

Candidate completed the assessment with a pass result will require to attend a medical check-up at designated hospital.

5. Offer by the airline to undergo training

After completion of the selection process successfully, the recruitment team will contact the candidate for an offer to undergo the self-sponsored MPL cadet program.

Course Content

To obtain the Multi-Crew Pilot License, the programme has been planned for 24 months period. Cadets will have to complete all phases of training in the following order,

Upon completion of the MPL program, the cadet will obtain MPL and continue flying with Lanmei Airlines for initial operating experience for 200hrs.

A minimum of 2 years of job opportunity will be given to all successful candidates to achieve a total of 1500 hours. Upon completion of the 1500 flying hours, the cadet will receive an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL).

Let your dreams take flight and apply with us today!

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Thank you for your interest in the Lanmei Airlines Self Sponsored Cadet Pilot Program. The next step of the process is to complete the application form and together with your CV/resume, email it to

Below is the breakdown of the training cost for the completion of the MPL training. For the current batch of trainees, we are also offering line flying training on the A320 for 200 hours. Candidate successfully completed the line training will have an opportunity to be offered a contract as a co-pilot with Lanmei Airlines.

Please note that we do not provide any financial assistance, however we can help to arrange some financial institution for selected candidates to get full or partial funding through student loans requiring collateral.(Applicable to Cambodians and Residents of Cambodia only)

Again, thank you for your interest.

Fees Structure

Ground Theory & Phase 1 Core Flying 48 Weeks $38,000
Phase 2 Basic Training 6 Weeks $24,000
Phase 3 Intermediate Training 11 Weeks $24,000
Phase 4 Advance Training (A320 Type Rating) & Base Training 5 Weeks $34,000
Initial Operating Experience (IOE)-200 Hours Line Training 12 Weeks $30,000
Total 82 Weeks $150,000
Full Payment Discount (5%) $7,500
Total (After Discount) $142,500

*Candidates successfully completed the 200 Hours Line Training will be given job placement contract.

  • Initial Assessment and Medical Check Up - USD150
  • Living Expenses
  • Accommodation (*Except during Phase 1 Basic Core Flying at Dara Sakor Airport)
  • SSCA exams
  • Issuance of license by SSCA

You can download your application form here.

Recruitment Team